Cutelistore Pink Strawberries and Cream sandwich
Aug 2021

Cutelistore Pink Strawberries and Cream sandwich Recipe

Japanese fruit sandwiches generally are made using milk Bread, however in our version of this yummy treat, we will be using just normal white bread and we have also added some extra fun and tasty snacks.


The shopping list:

White sandwich slices x 2

Double thick cream - 2 cups

White sugar - 1 teaspoon

vanilla essence - 1 teaspoon

Strawberries Large - 4

Plastic wrap and baking paper

Chefmaster edible food spray- Pink

Pocky packet - any flavour

Sparkling flavoured water sugar free


1. Cut the crusts off the two slices of bread

2. Cute 3 strawberries in to diagonal halves 

3. Place down large sheet of baking paper, place on top 2 slices of bread

4. Spray Bread with edible food spray, we used Pink

5. In a cool bowl, mix cream, Vanilla essence and white sugar, whisk until thick

6. Place 1 slice of bread with white area facing up. Spread thin layer of cream on to slice of bread

7. Arrange strawberry slices on to cream in a diagonal pattern 

8 Add cream on top of strawberries, use a lot to make sure its thickly applied. place slice of bread on top.

9. Wrap sandwich tightly in plastic wrap and place in to refrigerator for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

10. Take Sandwich out of fridge, and cut a diagonal line through the middle of the sandwich. I don't remove the plastic wrap as I find this helps hold it all together as I slice.

11. Once cut, remove sandwich from plastic wrap and place on plate. We use Cutelistore pattern plastic plate

12. Cut Strawberry in half and add to plate as snack

13. Open Pocky packet and add Pocky sticks to plate as side snack. 

14. Pour favourite beverage to have with sandwich. We like flavoured sparkling water in our Cutelistore limited purple cherry coffee cup

Cutelistore Owner buni.rose has shared how to make this yummy sandwich on her tiktok, you can check her tiktok here
or see below

pink strawberry and cream sandwich 💗 ##strawberrycreamsandwich ##japanesesandwich

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